With the ultimate goal of making European R&D the Leader in generating solutions to the economical, societal and business sustainability challenges of the future, EIRMA aims to be the preferred network and the preferred place of R&D and Innovation for European open exchange of best practices in research, development and innovation for a sustainable world, across all industrial sectors.


Our vision in R&D Research Management is to transform R&D, operating in Europe for global companies by providing access to best practices. We do so by allowing R&D managers to network; Building initiatives to address cross-industrial big challenges; and Leading R&D solutions for Sustainability.

Transform R&D

Business R&D has a very significant role to play in business’ agenda towards sustainability. EIRMA is at the centre of driving this development and of leading the necessary change.

Operating in Europe for Global Companies

EIRMA activities are open to non-European corporations having R&D activities in Europe.

Providing Access to Best Practices

EIRMA plays an active role in capturing and spreading best practices of its members by using specific methodologies i.e. knowledge management, benchmarking, etc.

Networking of R&D Managers Communities

EIRMA acts as access provider to best practices, efficiently manages communities of hands on experts in selective and high added value R&D matters.

Building Initiatives to Address Cross-Industrial Big Challenges

EIRMA favours cross-industrial collaboration by implementing compelling initiatives in close collaboration with some of its major stakeholders.

Leading R&D Solutions for Sustainability

By its activities, EIRMA positively influences R&D climate in Europe and contributes to make European R&D and Innovation a major contributor to a more livable, sustainable world and an attractive place for its major stakeholders.