EIRMA and its members have concluded the very informative, educational and inspirational Business Tour of the “Israel Technology Wonder, soundly and most pleasantly.

Following the invitation by Alessandro Curioni (IBM Fellow, VP Europe and Africa and Director IBM Research) and Benno Tieke (Director Portfolio Management at Philips Ventures), we explored the principles and the means applied in one of the world’s most robust Technology Ecosystems, from a very early age, up to exercising in current times - for the overall welfare of humanity.

Along, we learned about practices applied and Technology Developments in Quantum computing, Health Care & Medical advancements, Water processing & Agricultural cutting edge Innovations (incl. mobile Nitrogen uptake from plants), Energy Efficiency know-how, State-of-the art Israel Technology Educational setup, Cyber Security: Manufacturing IT risks and safeguards (from the World’s market leaders & reference: Check Point Software Technologies), as well as an outstanding & futuristic outlook on the World’s next food rendering and production.

We would like to warmly thank our partakers and excellent hosts:

Philips Israel Research center – Mr. Lior Bonfis  and Ms. Elisheva Shochat
IBM Research Israel – Ms. Aya Soffer and Keren Wolf
Israel Institute of Technology (TECHNION) – Mr. Schlomo Maital, Mr. Rafi Nave and Ms. Cecile Marek
Israel the Startup Nation – Mr. Samy Wacj (Chemical Researcher), Mr. Ronen Ishechter (CEO) and Mr. Eyal Ginzberg (CEO)
The MADATECH (Technology Educational Premise) – Mr. Yossi Ani and Ms. Talia Zaks
CHECK POINT Software Technologies – Mr. Jeremy Kaye (General Manager) and Ms. Miri Ofir (R&D Director)
GreenOnyx – Ms. Tsipi Shoham (CEO, Founder) and Mr. Shay Lebovitz (Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing)

And also, a special Thank You Note to our participants (despite all current events):

Mr. Ernst Lutz (CTO Bekaert)
Mr. Jean-Marc Joly (CIO ArcelorMittal)
Ms. Ezgui Akkaya (Head of Technology and Project Management, CoE Lead - Arcelik)
Mr. Marek Čenščák (R&D Technical Manager – ComAp)
Mr. Jan Podlipný (HW Design Manager – ComAp)

EIRMA team is looking forward to hosting you in our upcoming events!