Managing Uncertainties Task Force

EIRMA announces the instalment of a temporary MULTIDICIPLINARY “MANAGING UNCERTAINTIES” TASK FORCE for the period of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

This special EIRMA “MANAGING UNCERTAINTIES” TASK FORCE will prepare relevant activities and webinars in reference to the current Industrial Research & Innovation concerns raised by EIRMA members - to handle the market challenges amid Covid-19 impact:

  • Managing under Financial constraint
  • Handling the Human Factor
  • Collaboration and Opportunities in the Industrial ecosystem
  • Possible Exit strategies after the crisis

The TASK FORCE includes:

  • Alex Nussem (Chairman) - SG EIRMA
  • Monica Schofield - Chair Responsible Innovation TaskForce
  • Nicolas Dubuc - Chairman Special Interest Group on  Knowledge Management 
  • Michael Kolk - Chairman Special Interest Group on Digitalisation
  • Werner Froehling - Chairman Special Interest Group on Intellectual Asset Management

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