Search for industry advisors for international critical raw materials project

The Consortium of the project application “International Round Table on Criticality in Business Practice”, IRTC-Business, is looking for members for their Industry Focus Group.IRTC-Business is a Consortium of renown experts in the field of criticality assessment and implements the work of the IRTC project, which has received wide recognition during its first year of existence.Running from 2020-2022, IRTC-Business will conduct international Round Tables at relevant industrial conferences and publish their outcomes with the goal to apply the concepts to company use. It will support industry in assessing their exposure to criticality and the identification of mitigation measures. A web-based tool developed by the project will support these actions.The Consortium is looking for industrial experts with expertise in critical raw materials as well as their specific industrial field.The participation in the project provides the opportunity to engage with the internationally leading researchers in the field of criticality assessment as well as being on the forefront of implementing state-of-the-art considerations on materials security and sustainability in the represented sectors. Also, it will allow members to bring the specific needs of their industrial field into the discussion. Further information on the currently running IRTC project can be found here: In case of interest, please contact the project coordinator, Alessandra Hool ([email protected]) before January 31.