Bluestar Silicones becomes Elkem Silicones

EIRMA member company Elkem announces the integration of two Chinese entities into the Elkem group, as well as the renaming of Bluestar Silicones to Elkem Silicones."Since Elkem was acquired by China National Bluestar we have been working on developing and strengthening Elkem’s silicon value chain. As part of this integration, in 2015, Bluestar Silicones became a part of Elkem. Today, we are happy to announce that the time has come for Xinghuo and Yongdeng previously owned directly by China National Bluestar to join the Elkem group, completing the full integration of the silicon value chain from silicon metal to downstream application specialties. At the same time as we integrate Xinghuo and Yongdeng, Bluestar Silicones will change its name to Elkem Silicones, managed by Frederic Jacquin.
The new Elkem Silicones division will group together about 3000 employees for an annual turnover approaching 1 Billion Euros. The division will operate with a strong base comprising 2 upstream manufacturing sites, one located in Asia and one located in Europe, along with 8 downstream manufacturing sites and 10 R&D centers worldwide." informed Elkem Silicones – R&D department.