“Innovation: a fad or a new balance point?” by Michel Judkiewicz

“We are in a transition period that sees the obsolescence of old models and the emergence of new paradigms.
This period of "crisis" registers changes, some inevitable as exogenous and others that will be the result of our decisions.
To tackle it, innovation will be a crucial but delicate weapon.
The purpose is here to try defining, demystifying and structuring the concept of innovation in order to adopt a common language and to avoid the wrong and fuzzy interpretations that open the door to subjectivity since an innovative world implies not only the importance of  knowledge, but also of know-how, being and becoming."D. Michel Judkiewicz has now published the book “Innovation: a fad or a new balance point?” (in the collection «L’Académie en poche » of the “Royal Academy of Belgium”.
D. Michel Judkiewicz is a Civil Engineer from the Free University of Brussels (ULB). Trained in management (Insead), prospective strategy, mediation, non-violent communication, etc., he has worked internationally in industry and consultancy, in multinationals and SMEs.
Past-Secretary-General EIRMA, he is Managing director of Silver-Brains sprl (consultancy), visiting professor (ULB, ULg, Management Center Europe) and director of various companies and non-profit organizations.The French version of the book "Innovation : effet de mode ou nouvel équilibre ?” can be ordered in paper, ePub or PDF format, click here