HEKATE (Higher Education and Enterprises: knowledge alliances for the training of entrepreneurs) a project funded by the European Commissionwithin the framework of the University–Business Cooperation initiative.
The initiative aims to provide a framework for the formation of the so called “Knowledge Alliances” to encourage structured, result-driven cooperation ventures between universities and companies, bridging the gap between the two sectors and addressing how to involve the latter in higher education.

HEKATE fosters entrepreneurship by encouraging senior R&D managers in research intensive industries to become more pro-actively engaged with universities.
To this end a specific platform has been created on the EIRMA website. This platform allows interested EIRMA members to post f.i. their specialisation, the topics in which they are interested, eventually case studies.

Experienced R&D directors span both the world of research and business: individually and corporately they can be inspirational for students and researchers to engage in business creation.
HEKATE seeks to explore how this can be developed.

Under the HEKATE partnership, EIRMA. together with Solvay and TechBridgeOne has been  teamed up with two Higher Education Institutes to translate this collaborative relationship into entrepreneurship training activities for early career researchers and PhD students.

The HEKATE Final Conference - Building bridges between the industry and its future innovation managers took place at the Norway House in Brussels on 22 September 2015, click here

More info: www.hekate-project.eu